FOTOMEXA: Dante Busquets- Langzeitbelichtungen - Berlin

The mexican photographer Dante Busquets explains...

"Long exposures made with a photographic camera are nothing new. Inquiries into the concept of time in art, even older.
Why, then, these urban landscapes? Long-hour exposures provide a version of the world that we normally don’t see.
By making these images, I play with the notion of patience in our very visual, very fast world: does the capacity to observe for more than an instant still exists?
The Urban landscapes presented here are full-length movies, synthesized in motionless images. They address the great wealth of urban green space in Berlin, and that city’s historical and present connection to its water. They document the gaseous flow of life that runs in front of the camera.
According to the Berlin Senate's Open Space Planning unit, forty-six percent of its metropolitan area is either green or water. Any account on this city is incomplete, without considering its multiple open spaces, an essential part of Berlin's identity.
With these images I celebrate simple yet important changes I’ve experienced since moving to Berlin in 2009: a new urban mobility. I also celebrate the existence of these spaces, fundamental in any city."

DB 2012

Dante Busquets
Born : Mexico City
Lives in: Berlin, Germany
Cameras: 4x5, Mamiya RZ pro II, Canon SLR, Konica Hexar (b/n), HARMAN TiTAN pinholI
Inspiration (photographers): Mostly my own friends, such as
Quote:  To document the gaseous flow of life


mrurbano said…
Valeria, you are making such a great contribution with your FOTOMEXA
Thank you Dante for participating
great work
Tiberio Fanti said…
I feel very engaged by these kind of pictures, as actually I put myself the same questions while wondering around the downtown of the cities it happens to visit during my job travels. When I show pictures of their own town to the colleagues I'm visiting I have the perception that they never saw those corners of their usual places in such a different way.