three pictures to represent myself ... uuugh. ;-) - if it could be six
or seven ... but I know, I have to make a choice. That's not so bad,
one has to think hard what's the most important for oneself.

First: monochrome. Even if I do colour as well and like some good
glaring red and blue and orange ... but monochrome represents what me
most: black and white that is.
Second: street art. All these witty defacements, gorgeous spray
paintings, little notes and stickers. Street art in its connection to
the surroundings. Never alone.
Third: animals' portraits. Portraits, not simply photos of animals. I
admit I have a soft spot for cows. :-)
Fourth: abandoned forgotten things. Lost things. Bicycles, shoes,
gloves, whatever.


Anonymous said…
any link to more?
Martina said… that is ...
Nice someone is asking :-)