The Liberator

Here is my first image with the new "Liberator" (or "Frankencamera) made with an Aero-Ektar lens and a Graflex camera.  I shot this in the later part of dusk just across the street from my studio.  I am still learning to work with the camera and deciding on which films to use.  This treatment knocked me out.  Not the image per se, but just the look.
- William Schmidt


Rhonda Boocock said…
Makes me feel liberated! :) Beautiful!
Jan Bernhardtz said…
Really promising! I want one too!
super nice. made me smile.

mrurbano said…
more of liberation
john minnicks said…
the liberation has started... looks like the cart is FULL with ...... well.... well just find out.... o by the way.. I'm the gifted one that ..... Collects... and builds the cameras.. Glad this is starting to grow with you !!
Thanks for posting the 1st.... Image... Sincerely
cafe selavy said…
Thank you all. John Minnicks is a camera genius and a tremendous photographer, too. I am shooting with his camera right now as he makes my very own Liberator--#13. Thanks John.

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