Hyun-Jin Kwak - exhibition in Stockholm

"Korean artist Hyun-Jin Kwak’s exhibition (and book) The Island - A Case Study of a Collector's Mind establishes a psychological landscape. In the very centre of the Italian city Reggio Emilia is the Barbieri Palace - a building from the 1500s in a strong decay. Here, Francesco Barbieri has accumulated all sorts of things over the course of many decades. The initial stages involved antiques that were stacked in the palace spare rooms, but later, his collection has come to be extended to all sorts of things; plastic bags, umbrellas, bills in unopened envelopes, cardboard boxes, batteries, ceramic tiles, etc."
- excerpt from introduction to the exhibition - text Hans Hedberg

Hyun-Jin Kwak was born in 1974 in South Korea. She graduated (BA in sculpture and installation) at Hong-Ik University in Seoul in 1998 and at Konstfack in Stockholm (MA in Fine Art) in 2005. It was at Konstfack she started her work with her acknowledged, and still ongoing, photographic series Girls In Uniform.

The Island – A Case Study of a Collector´s Mind is a new project which is being shown for the first time in its entirety at Fotografins Hus. The project is published in a book with the same title (Revolver Publishing, Berlin 2011). Hyun-Jin Kwak is represented by Peter Lav Gallery, Copenhagen and Galleria UNO+UNO in Milano.

15 March - 28 April
Fotografins Hus


Tiberio Fanti said…
I feel ashamed for the way the italians are relentlessly wasting their cultural heritage. One could argue we have had too much to look after that no one else could do better. I have my doubts ...
Vale said…
amazing place