Galleria 44 Days - Chiara Raffo

"Miss Padania is a project created to underline the deep connection among the individual and the territory to which it belongs. The images of the project show a deprivation of ideological and political characteristics of Miss Padania, putting her inside a less conventional dimension, but more representative of the relationship with the physical places"

Photos and text © Chiara Raffo in collaboration with MariaLuisa Pasto' e Chiara Quadri

(The Po valley region in the North of Italy is called "Padania" from the "Lega" party, born for the indipendency of that region from Italy) /Paolo



mrurbano said…
I like it - great project
Tiberio Fanti said…

An excellent implementation of a very good concept. These pictures mirror my perception about the way this flat-land is going to disappear behind concrete walls of stupidity a populism.
Bruno Ravera said…
Good job!