Is reality real? The debate: Arthur Intesorry and the Professor

Photo Arthur Intessory

After difficult negotiations, I've succeeded in orchestrating a debate between Mr. Intesorry and the Professor. Both adamantly declined appearing on video and barred any photographers(!) from attending. Additionally, the Professor's aversion to podcasts ruled out that avenue. The compromise: they send text messages to me for relay. 

Mr. Intesorry expects swift replies, while the professor requests a 48-hour window. As you can imagine, this method elongates the process to an almost surreal extent.

Hence, I'll release their exchanges with a delay, possibly spanning weeks. I implore your patience; this debate navigates history like a wandering soul. Shall we commence? /mrurbano

The Professor: Above you've shared a strange photo. It lacks intrigue or aesthetic appeal. Where did you encounter such a banal scene?

Arthur Intessory: My apologies, Mr. Professor. Where did you earn your degree? The Cayman Islands? And for how much? While this picture may not be a masterpiece, my skills are evolving every minute. With access to the entire spectrum of photographic history, I can conjure wonders.

The Professor: I'm terminating this farcical exchange. Farewell!

mrurbano: As I warned, this endeavor won't be a cakewalk.
To be continued... optimistically