Jerzy Lewczyński (1924–2014)

Photo Marcin Górski

Marcin took this fine portrait of Jerzy Lewczyński around 2007. 

"Jerzy is revered as one of the most significant figures in Polish photography. He not only marked the end of the era of classical pictorialism but also spearheaded a new chapter in Polish photography. His contributions are profound, evident in his authorship of the pioneering anthology of Polish photography, a seminal work that has shaped the last three decades of the field. Additionally, he pioneered a new direction in Polish photography known as the "Archeology of Photography."

Personally, Jerzy held a special place in my life as a mentor, friend, and neighbor. He played a pivotal role as the godfather of my curatorship activities in Gliwice and guided me into the esteemed Polish Association of Fine Art Photographers, an organization he lead as responsible for its artistic level for many years.

Beyond his professional achievements, Jerzy was a delightful companion and a captivating speaker. I fondly recall our moments over tea in his apartment.

It's fascinating to note that Jerzy's background was in structural engineering, a field he pursued diligently, becoming one of the first post-World War II alumni to graduate from my faculty. He remained dedicated to his profession until retirement."

Text by Marcin Górski

A website about Jerzy Lewczyński can be found here.