Where have all my friends gone? - a book by photographer Per Björn

Almost six years ago I went to Farsta in southern Stockholm to watch an exhibition by photographer Per Björn. Please read more about it here. It was emotional to meet friends of the people that he portrayed. So many of them have died, many of them at a young age.

The pictures can now be seen in a new book called "Where have all my friends gone?" 

Johan Gunnarsson writes in the afterword:
"Farsta was the place and it was the time of flower-power, Afghan coats, cannabis and amphetamine. The tube station/.../was a meeting place then, as it is now. The youth gang was often surrounded by police who felt they were disturbing the piece"

Per Björn photographed all of this, but he also gave something back to the young people. He showed them the prints and many of them felt he was on "their side"

Above a picture of Per with some of the youngsters. I met Per the other day and, well he is a bit older but still very passionate about photography. He is in contact with the people he depicted, their friends and relatives. Even some of the police officers.

It is a great photo book that I recommend, not only because of the historic value but also due to its obvious artistic qualities. Edited and designed by Gösta Flemming. Publisher Journal.

The book will be presented on Monday 11 December at 18 00 in Farsta Library, Farstagången 8. There is also an exhibition in the library that will be up for a month. Be there!
Mr Urbano


Jurek Holzer said…
Documentary photography at it's best.
morgannorman said…
Fantastic photography by a fantastic photographer!

//Morgan Norman