Per-Olof about Café Royal Books

This might be old news to most of you, but to me it's a discovery. Café Royal Books,, is a marvelous source of small, affordable AND weekly published books. 

Simple design, no fuzz presentation of British documentary/reportage photography from 1970-2000. 

Or as the publisher himself Craig Atkinson puts it:
"The books should be affordable, democratic, utilitarian and useful. CRB is just me — every aspect, so I have to like the work to publish it. I won't take money from an artist or photographer, to publish their work. I dislike fuss, decoration and non-functional design. There has to be an element of fun or excitement."

I bought these two titles and just love them.

/Per-Olof Stoltz

As Mr Urbano is getting lazy and old, it is good to hear photography related news from friends of 591. This is a great find Per-Olof! Thank you for sharing.
Mr Urbano