Photography in the rain

Photography in the rain,  late at night with no tripod. Is it even possible? You might say: - No problem, with fast glass, stabilisation and a modern sensor,  anything is possible. 
- No no, on film with a $3 camera. It has a single glass lens no faster than f11. Its called Agfa clack. 
- No film is that fast! 

Well, actually it is. At least unless you mind a little grain or consider finding something to hold the camera tight too while exposing cheating. 

While Ilford delta 3200 exposed at 65000 isn't that bad, the clack is seriously flawed as a night camera for another reason. Advancing the film in the dark is impossible as I can't see the numbers in the little red window that tell me when to stop winding. 

Photo and text Roos

I love this photo.
Mr Urbano