Spring in Tunisia - Emilie Hallard

My last stay in Tunis was really beautiful. I had visited the country many times before, as my mother has been living there for the last 10 years. But this time was very special, my first time after January 14th, the day Tunisians ousted dictator Ben Ali, literally kicking him out of the country.  I was amazed. One could really feel the gusts of freedom, the desire for fun, empathy and solidarity, and the will to continue the struggle to rebuild the country and the newly born democracy.

The revolution is a matter of pride for Tunisians, the first positive thing they can claim as their own for a long time, hence creating a new equalitarian relationship to Westerners.

Tunisians still have to create their own country, but they took  their spirit and freedom back.

All photos © Emilie Hallard