The Art of Anika Kuntze

Anika Kuntze is a 38 years old Graphic Designer & DJane from Berlin.
Her pictures are an emotional landscape - there a wild woods - raging waters -
silent deserts - and above all - a big sky full of feelings.
I really love anikas art - the way she's trying to find different expressions - new forms -
finding whats beneath the surface - digging deeper - a unique way to show us her view of the world.
I've never heard the music she's playing as a DJane but looking at her pictures
I can imagine that it must be music with lots of soul.

kerstin kuntze

My home is inbetween concrete walls
This great old tree comforts me
As dark at nights it shines in sunlight

Eyes wide open you can see mouths cry
I haven't slept since summer
living inbetween concrete walls

how I try
I keep watching oceanfilms and listening to the radio

dreaming of slippery bananajuice
waiting for waves to crash the branches
of my great old tree  

and finally I am falling asleep

anika kuntze - inspired by fever ray (concrete walls)

Enjoy more of Anika Kuntzes Art:


Kumpernatz said…
so ungewöhnlich
so kreativ
so viele ideen
so vielfältig
verstörend betörend bereichernd unterhautig geniales bildwerk!
elfrun kroehl said…