My Best Picture - the Photographer's Choice

photos © mrurbano

Starting today I open my mailbox for your Best Picture. It means that I want to receive just one (1) picture - and it should be the Best. Not your most popular picture, it should be the picture that You rank as your Best (so far).

Now you may argue: "Well, I have a dozen best pictures" and I will answer; "No, I want a single picture". Or you may say; "It depends on the context or if it's a photo from a specific series" and I will answer: "No, just one picture".

Do we have a deal? In return I promise to publish every picture received, even if several hundreds. I will find out a way to edit everything.

The picture could be 800-1 000 pixels width or height, 72 dpi. It would be great if you could write a very brief comment about the picture, but it is no obligation.

The mailbox for Best Picture will close 31 August, so you will have plenty of time to select your best picture. - Mr Urbano


Michael W said…
Interesting and very difficult!
Simon Johansson said…
great idea!
cafe selavy said…
I didn't realize what a mean man you could be : ) Absolutely brutal.
mrurbano said…
Yes isn't brutal ;)
Let us see how many will take on the challenge
I will do it, I promise
and you too!
Fritsch said…
It's brutal, Ulf. But I will do it. I promise. And thanks already for pushing me to the edge & further.

All the best & safe travels,
paulboo said…
Hard but I'll find it!
great idea!!!!
das bessere ist der feind des guten.
bon voyage!