591 Exhibition: I Want To Live Close To You - Jacob Felländer

Jacob Felländer's exhibition is already a big success at Fotografiska in Stockholm. If you go there you will find these images as huge prints that will take your breath away. It is an excellent show, so hard to match in a slideshow on the web. But here you are, all of you who can't make it to Stockholm. - Mr Urbano
Website photographer: www.jacobfellander.com

I made a journey around the world, visiting its most densely populated cities. An analog experiment with the intent to capture the entire world in one image. The whole world on a single, multi-exposed negative.

As places and people merged before me, I grew increasingly fascinated at how close together we all live. For the first time in the history of mankind, more of us live in cities than in the country, and we have spent fortunes building the most amazingly infra-structured conurbations.

These creations continue to fascinate me. Our habitat in these places may seem grotesque but we actually get along surprisingly well in our cities. We may think that we are different, we may think we like or dislike each other. But still, we choose to live extremely close to one another: next to, underneath, on top of. Close. Close together.

Jacob Felländer, April 2011


elfrun kroehl said…
great conversion
Mikael said…
imaginative and very good