Tuesday, March 27, 2012

591 Spring Exhibition: A special day with ~ WATER ~

Here comes the WATER~NIGHT!

Tilo Dewitz

Eva Centergren

Arnaud Carbonnier

James Rohan

Rhonda Prince

Tommy Andersson

Today was Waterday!
I hope you've enjoyed the show.

Thanks again to all Photographers in the world
who become a part of this exhibition.

Your Waterwoman Kerstin


Rhonda said...

Thanks for a watery day...excellent selection!

kkuntze said...

thank you rhonda ;)
and thanks again to all picturemaker who contributed their work for this show.

the waterwoman

Tommy Andersson said...

Water is really special and the selection is sublime.


Tiberio Fanti said...

I did!


kkuntze said...

danke! - and thanks tiberio for your posters and your words ;)

Ulf Fågelhammar said...

excellent display of water pictures

V said...

Fantastic series :)