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591 Exhibition - Rhonda Boocock

Photos © Rhonda Boocock

WATCH the online exhibition/slideshow
It is a very special moment on this Saturday in December. I am really happy to show you this fine exhibition by Rhonda Boocock. When looking at the pictures I come to think of a slogan from a TV commercial; "think outside the box".

Rhonda is questioning that statement in her amazing series suggesting that there is no box in the first place. We are still allowed to sit down and think freely and let our thoughts wander. We may think of trivial or important matters, what is important is that we take the time to do it.

I asked Rhonda if she would allow me to chose a picture for the poster and she accepted it. I chose the picture with a bird in flight next to a tree. It is a beautiful photo that represents much of Rhonda's work. Just imagine if our thoughts could be like the bird, flying free without any restrictions. And there is no box.Just some thoughtful spots for us to occupy.
- Mr Urbano

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