Friday, December 9, 2016

Inside Looking Out

Photo Roos

I love this picture. The two men are like characters from a silent movie. A lot to think about, just standing there looking out of the window.
Mr Urbano

Thursday, December 8, 2016


Photo Markus Anderson

When you can't take anymore of the "entertainment".
Mr Urbano

Franka and the cat

Photo Ksenija Spanec

I doubt that you remember Franka and her journey around the world. Please have a look here to learn about her. Yes, she has been on the road a long time.
Now she is stuck in Berlin. I still hope that she will find a ticket for an airplane.
Mr Urbano

That light

Photo Marie Rosenqvist
You want to enter the picture and go for a walk.
Mr Urbano

The sweet smell of poplars

Following here a selection of beautiful pictures from the French countryside. Thank you Eric
Mr Urbano

All pictures by Eric Frot.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ciudad Jardín

Photos by Kristoffer Ekman
Watch more on Insta and here


A worker breathing through a filter at the aluminum plant in Nikel, Russia, february 1997. @Foto: Jurek Holzer/SvD/oskarpmask

"Norway’s biggest environmental problem is here in the border area. The factory in Nikel cause serious problems across the border,” 
Mayor Rune Rafaelsen, Kirkenes, Norway quoted from this article

Jurek's photo is from 1997. I can only imagine its effects on the health status of the workers. Apparently still no major improvements.
Mr Urbano

Pale December

Photo Ulf Fågelhammar