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Photograms I

ABOUT the photograms:

Over the past 15 years, my photographic work has been dedicated to the development of an "ancient technique" called photograms - to make photographic pictures without using a camera. It is a physical and intuitive way to work There is no digital processing - the images emerge in the darkroom.
- Ewa Stackelberg

  "Ewa Stackelberg's work is balancing between imaging and construction. In the darkroom and on photographic paper, she creates a merging of objects and bodies with light and photographic liquids. The result is a painting - without using paint and brush - where time and light  place the objects on the surface. My thoughts go to the light poets of painted art and the way they kissed their subjects from a distance with their eyes using colours"
Susanna Slöör

© Ewa Stackelberg

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