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591 Exhibition - Lenke Szilágyi

Moscow 1991

Valaam island, Lake Ladoga
Post-Soviet journeys 1990-2001 ( excerpts from a small diary )…Yevgenija Mojsejevna says, that there were only three years during her lifetime (1924-1927) when the shops had a sufficient amount of products for sale. But at that time everything was so expensive, so you could not buy anything for money. She spent much of her everyday life trying to find bread and some other things to buy or she waited in endless queues. She is now 83 years old…

…We left Volgograd at 8 a.m. The passengers were asked from a voice on the radio to get up on the deck to have a last farewell look at the heroic city. There was a program to celebrate the memory of the battle of Stalingrad. It was also announced, that bread shouldn’t be wasted for the seagulls…
Koktebel 1993
…A Lenin statue was erected in Odessa, but it was badly built, and suddenly its head fell off. The sculptors were ordered to make a new head, but they didn’t look at the original sculpture, so it turned out…

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