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Sven - a book by photographer Peter de Ru

"Passing time is measured and described in words like "decades". Years are packed tight to facilitate interpretation of events, and our memories seek hooks to hang things on. People prefer to imagine that development means progress.

Development curves are supposed to go upward, no one wants to think about plateaus. And certainly not about time, or life, going around in circles. The very idea threatens to expose what is quite obvious; every life is actually cyclical. Birth, growth, blossom, decay, death.

This is what Sven's story is about: beginning one winter and going on to a single spring, summer and autumn. Time going neither back nor forward – but in circles. Events from different periods living parallel lives. How the past and the future can both be present at the very same instant. How difficult it is to know what motivates people, what their values are, how they make their life choices. These pictures, fractions of seconds frozen in time, contain it all.


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