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Fabio Sgroi - a selection (first part)

Italia, Sicilia 2004

Italia, Sicilia 2001

 Italia, Sicilia 2001

Fabio Sgroi, photographer, was born in 1965 and lives in Palermo, Italy. He started his career as photographer in 1986 in the study of Letitia Battaglia and Franco Zecchin collaborating as reporter for the daily paper "L'Ora" of Palermo.

In the years his career marks from a lot of international and European working experiences. His original ideas and desire to introduce in his photos a reality constantly elaborated serves as a point of reference and reflection to his audience.

Fabio Sgroi's career includes international photographic projects in France, Germany, Rep. Czech and numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Italy, near the Artget Gallery and the Museum Etnografico of Belgrado, the Leica gallery of Sölms, the PhotoBiennale in Moscow, the Biennial Photographique of Bonifacio, the Centre Mediterraneeen, the Photographie-Bastia (Corsica) etc.

Italia, Sicilia 2005  Italia,…

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