"I go deeper and use visual poetry." - Katia Berestova

Katia Berestova is an interesting photographer based in Moscow. She was born in St. Petersburg in 1992. I sense an inspiration from photographers like Alexandr Rodchenko and Man Ray -  all the way from back in the 1920s and 1930s. She may not agree, but she has told me that her visual landscape belongs to the 20th century. Another reference could be Swedish photographer Christer Strömholm and his subjective photography. 

Katia started to photograph in 2010 and is self taught. Her pictures stand on their own, not dependent on time. She says "My creative process is not connected with the general flow of time. As an author, I don’t see the image of time. I cannot count it and depict it, for I am in it. I use a familiar and well-known language of images."

I have selected twelve pictures from her already impressive portofolio. Please visit her website for more. Katia Berestova web

Ulf Fågelhammar aka Mr Urbano

All pictures by Katia Berestova