Immer - Kerstin Kuntze

Some of you hard core fans of 591 Photography will surely remember Kerstin Kuntze who was a much appreciated co-editor of this site between 2008-2013. Many of you good people who helped me creating 591 during those years have continued making great and interesting pictures. Kerstin is one of them. Her passion is there "immer" - always.
Mr Urbano
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All pictures by Kerstin Kuntze


TACK, lieber Ulf .. so much started here on 591 for me .. I appreciate your support IMMER.
You're one of the men I will NIEMALS forget. ♥
Kumpernatz said…
so herrliche und beeindruckende bilder.
ganz ganz groß.
schön, kerstins bilder wieder bei 591 sehen zu können!
ganz liebe grüße
@Kumpernatz .. ich danke danke dir, liebe ruth :*