Luz Sellada (The Sealed Light ) in Puebla Mexico

Puebla was struck by a horrifying earthquake on 19 Sept. It was a terrible tragedy for many people living in the fourth biggest city in Mexico. 

I met Devin and Rebeca who run Galeria Liliput earlier in the summer. Of course it was devastating to learn that their city had been hit by a major earthquake. They were all right though and even determined to go on with the planned exhibitions at their gallery.

So if you happen to be in Puebla in October, please look out for this exhibition containing pictures of Jan Bernhardtz, Ksenija Spanec and Ulf Fågelhammar.

Many thanks to Galeria Liliput for hosting us!

Photo Ksenija Spanec
Photo Ulf Fågelhammar
Photo Jan Bernhardtz