Silence - Jannis Tordheim

My eyes have probably gotten tired from watching too many pictures. It takes something special to get my full attention. The series "Silence" by Jannis Tordheim belongs to that category. Expressive, daring photos. Not that I am a great fan of "expressive and daring" pictures. But Jannis seems to have overcome the temptation of "shocking" the viewer. All that I can see is a driving force to show us the truth ( the photographic truth ). A great series.

The site will take you on a ride. A group of very interesting photographers to be seen there:  Emi ANRAKUJI Alexander ARNILD Cato LEIN David NEMAN Igor PISUK Jannis TORDHEIM Lily ZOUMPOULI

Please watch out for an upcoming exhibition in Gothenburg, Galleri Rotor2. Vernissage 15 Sept, 16 00- 19 00 where Jannis Tordheims series "Silence" will be on display.
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