2 X TTV Self-Portrait Gekopaca

Ok it's not a picture, it's a movie BUT I made it with my photo camera (Panasonic DMC GH1) Through The Viewfinder (TTV) of an old 6X6 Argus 75.
Then, all the pictures are post-produced image-by-image with a photography plug-in.

And it's Half Frame, of course…

About the soundtrack :
It was during the footages - my MacBookPro was on my side, and I was listening at "The Saint" (you know, the serie with Roger Moore) - the French version, of course, on Arte TV.

Then I used the dialogue and edited it; it's a dialogue between two characters, speaking about a missing person; as" Who is he exactly?" etc… then a policeman asking to Roger moore : "did you know him before?" "How long did you know him?" etc… it's a long (nonsense) list of questions, because I cut the soundtrack and mixed the questions. Actually it's exactly as if I was wondering about my personality(ies)

Name : Gekopaca
Born(year): 1966
Lives in: Arles, France


mrurbano said…
Sehraeuber said…
G R E A T !
I admit, it really is!
br said…
this is amazing!!! the creative use of tech is groundbreaking and inspirational!!!
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